Brand Archives

Recovering distinctive elements of brand identities to promote cultural diversity—a response to the globalisation of visual identity.

This project aims to promote understanding of the cultural diversity manifested in products, packaging, visual identity (e.g. brand marks), and the materials, means of, and locations of production. To foreground the value of the historical and cultural memory that their preservation or recovery has for cultural heritage(s) and as a resource for innovation and for addressing commercial and societal change.
The project develops doctoral work that showed what is lost with regard to cultural and historical memory through the globalisation of brands; the significance of archives to locally specific brands claiming symbolic and cultural relevance; and how graphic designers can contribute to the preservation and creation of cultural diversity through visual identity. The project also shares the methodological approach developed in the doctoral work for the rescuing, interpretative analysis and exploration of organisations archives, which capture historical memory in brand imagery.
Bearing the Portuguese context in mind, the project will benefit from the findings of the Share Academy pilot project (Arts Council Funded; partners University College London, University of the Arts London/Central Saint Martins, London Museum Group) which is concerned with how universities can offer museums access to theoretical frameworks for their activity, whilst museums can reciprocally offer deep experience of community engagement and audience interaction with unique resources in their collections and archives.)